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We hope you enjoy reading our hints and tips and of course, all about our lovely real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets :)

By rekeeley, May 17 2016 02:22PM

Just a quick update to announce that we are now an official seller over on Etsy! This Etsy store is in addition to our own own shop here, but will have one or two items that are exclusive to Etsy. Our shop here will continue to focus on gorgeous wedding items including natural confetti and seed paper whereas over on Etsy we will also have lots of customisable wildflower seed packets and other delights specifically for birthdays, thank yous and more. Please pop over to take a look and see what we have on offer at Etsy by visiting the link off the homepage or by putting naturalfavours.etsy.com into your web browser. We will be adding more and more stock to Etsy as time goes on and some of this will be seasonal in time for Father's Day, Mother's Day and other key events. Please do pop back from time to time and see what's new.

By rekeeley, Jan 21 2016 08:30AM

When Sami Tipi invited us to be part of the opening weekend of their brand new venue at Cuttle Brook in Derbyshire we jumped at the chance to work alongside this group of amazing local suppliers. Cuttle Brook is a stunning riverside location, perfect for an outdoor tipi wedding full of natural beauty.

We created a fun vintage style confetti bar for the event using a rustic French apple crate and range of Le Parfait jars. Guests take a mini basket or confetti cone and fill with a selection of natural confetti of their choice. The outcome is a rainbow mix of confetti that will generate some truly amazing and striking wedding photographs of the all important confetti moment!

To create your own confetti bar is easy! We have a range of Le Parfait jars available for hire and can advise you on a suitable selection of natural confetti to fill them with depending on the number of guests attending, just contact us with your requirements

By rekeeley, Jan 12 2016 08:15AM

At the end of 2015, we were lucky enough to play a very small part in a beautifully styled winter wedding shoot organised by the fabulous And So To Wed. We sent over some of our white natural confetti and were absolutely thrilled to see the shots that came back.

Our white natural flower petal confetti fit into the winter theme perfectly, looking like gently falling snow. With beautiful styling from Pamela Dunn Weddings in the homely elegance of Riverside Events in Yorkshire, a group of talented suppliers put together a magical styled shoot of handmade items to inspire and motivate all those engaged couples out there. Pop over to andsotowed.com for more images captured by Claire Basiuk.

We can provide a huge range of natural confetti colours, much of which is grown here by us in Derbyshire. Simply let us know your requirements and we'll put a mix together to suit.

By rekeeley, Sep 11 2014 06:30PM

Making beautiful confetti isn’t as hard as you may think, it just takes a bit of time and patience.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a garden with flowering plants like roses and delphiniums then you are already well on your way. You’ll also need somewhere to dry your petals. An airing cupboard works well, or even just an airy space in your home where they can naturally dry. This obviously takes a little longer but the effect is just as good. Some larger confetti growers freeze dry their petals. Although this can be great on a large scale, it is a power-hungry process. We prefer to naturally air-dry our real flower petal confetti which we feel is much more eco-friendly and helps us keep costs down for our customers.

Pick flowers when they are in full bloom, timing is crucial. Too early and you miss out on some of the best petals, too late and they may have already started to brown. Roses are best harvested in mid-morning after any dew has dried and before the midday sun has reached its height. Don’t collect in the rain, it will just make drying them even harder.

Spread your petals out on a mesh or tray and pop in your drying area of choice. After a few days and once they are completely dry you should notice that although the petals will have shrunk in size, their colour with be intensified and some scent should remain.

Experiment with colour combinations and see what works. Store your petals well in a cool dark place and they should keep for months.

Not lucky enough to have a garden or don’t have the time to spend on making your own real flower petal confetti? Have no fear, we can do it all for you! Real flower petal confetti is available to buy now by the litre or in fab individual little sachets.

Real Flower Petal Confetti
Real Flower Petal Confetti

By rekeeley, Sep 4 2014 12:54PM

Here at Natural Favours we just love Autumn. All those gorgeous rustic colours of flaming auburns, vivid reds and rich earthy browns. The falling leaves make a beautiful natural confetti shower to carpet your way over the months ahead. So don’t be down about losing summer because there’s lots of loveliness to come.

Enjoy the remaining warm September days and look ahead to Halloween capers in October followed by fireworks and fun in November. Still feeling down about the darker nights? Well, if you’re anything like us then you are already planning for next Spring! Not only have we busily been collecting seeds for our wildflower seed packets from this years spent blooms, but we already have bulbs on order for a splash of spring colour. We have selected some gorgeous flowers that will lift the garden out of its winter slumber and also provide the first of next years cut-flowers. It’s not just bulbs that can be planted early, some hardy annuals and perennials can be sown in September for earlier flowering next year. There’s lots to look forward to!

If it’s all too much and you would like a reminded of the summer garden for your wedding or event then have no fear, our real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets are available to buy throughout the year. Phew!

Looking ahead to Spring
Looking ahead to Spring
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