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We hope you enjoy reading our hints and tips and of course, all about our lovely real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets :)

By rekeeley, Feb 12 2016 06:08PM

Here at Natural Favours HQ we have worked really hard to create a garden that is as friendly to wildlife as possible. We grow our DIY wedding flowers and natural confetti petals in as natural a way as possible and avoid the use of chemical nasties that can be harmful to bees, butterflies and other creatures.

Natural Favours HQ is on a hill, so getting a lawn mower around is literally an uphill struggle! We decided that we wanted more "wild" areas, places where nature could take over and our input would be minimal. To achieve this whilst at the same time reducing the area of homogenous lawn to mow, we decided to create our own mini wildflower meadow! If you want to do the same, just follow my simple steps below;

Our Wildflower Patch Before & After
Our Wildflower Patch Before & After

1) Select a suitable area - somewhere that gets a fair amount of sun is best

2) Prepare the area - we chose an area of lawn and so had to clear the turf to reveal the soil beneath. Although this was hard work, the results were worth it

3) Don't add fertiliser - as a rule wildflowers like poor soil, so keep it simple

3) Select your seeds - we chose a mix that contained both grasses and flowers for a lovely meadow effect, it had ox-eye daisies, bird's foot trefoil, crested dog's tail and quaking grass to name but a few

4) Depending upon the mix you choose will depend upon when you sow them so check the instructions. We sowed ours on the surface and then just walked over them to tread them in as opposed to burying them in soil as ours needed light to germinate

5) Protect your seeds - birds like seeds so protect them, we covered the area with netting which did the trick

6) Be patient - the first years growth may be sparse as the seeds establish. However, by the second year our patch was looking amazing and it was so worth the wait

7) Management - each year I leave my patch to it, if it gets a bit long I may give it an early cut in spring but generally I leave it to it's own devices and just cut it in late summer once most of the seeds have set. You must remove the arisings to ensure the wildflower patch doesn't get too many nutrients, remember, wildflowers like poor soil

You can create your own mini wildflower patch or pot with much less effort with our wildflower seed favours! Each packet comes with full growing instruction. Check out naturalfavours.com/shop for the full range

By rekeeley, May 8 2015 12:58PM

You may remember from an earlier blog post last year that we are helping a friend who is getting married in August by growing all the flowers for her wedding. This is quite a challenge for us as we haven’t done anything on this scale before - buttonholes, bouquets, jam jar posies, the lot eek!

The groundwork was done at the start of the year to build the raised beds here at Natural Favours HQ, and we have started to sow the seeds for our cut-flower beds. Much to the annoyance of Mr Natural Favours, the windowsills are crowded with my little green leafy babies! We’re using lot of classic country garden flowers for this relaxed outdoor marquee wedding. Think beautifully scented sweetpeas and stocks, old fashioned dahlias, heavenly gypsophila and vibrant cosmos. If it all comes together at the right time it promises to be spectacular!

Some of our flowers will be blooming early, so to share the love we’d thought we’d offer them up for some lucky Derbyshire locals! We’re really excited to have our first ever stand at this year’s Belper Goes Green Festival on 30th May 2015 at Belper Rugby Club where we will have for sale jam jar posies. At this time of year our spring plants will be out in force, so lots of bluebells and aquilegia on offer. We’ll also have our fab real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets for sale direct for the first time. If you’re in the area please pop down and say hello!

Stay tuned for further updates on our DIY Wedding flower growing results!

By rekeeley, Sep 18 2014 08:00AM

We all know weddings can be expensive affairs. Everyone wants a piece of that wedding pie. Here at Natural Favours we know that sometimes, money is tight and things need to be done on a budget. However, that shouldn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of items you use or being unable to see your dream wedding realised. You’ve just got to be savvy!

In last week’s blog update we discussed how you can make your own real flower petal confetti. There are lots of homemade ideas like these you could try to save money on all those little things that soon add up. Our wildflower seed wedding favours are a great money saver. Not only do they make a fantastic wedding favour for your guests to keep and enjoy for months to come, but they also double up as a place setter. Simply add the name of your guest to the envelope and voila, a beautiful, unique and personalised wedding favour and place setter in one.

Want to go a step further? If you are crafty or have friends and family who are, why not ask them to help you with making some homemade decorations like bunting from cheap or free fabric scraps. Start to trawl charity shops for decorative items like old books, vases, leather suitcases and china. If you are clever you could bag yourself some real bargains.

We are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in August 2015 where the bride and groom have even decided to do away with the traditional cake. Instead, guests will be invited to bake something themselves and bring it along. A brilliant idea to save hundreds but also to get the guests really involved in the day.

Another idea to try is combining items so you only pay once. We went to a wedding in June which was held in the afternoon. Instead of paying for a wedding breakfast and supper in the evening, all guests to both the daytime and evening parties enjoyed just one buffet style meal in the early evening. It worked well and with a few nibbles to graze on after the ceremony nobody noticed anything different.

By rekeeley, Sep 4 2014 12:54PM

Here at Natural Favours we just love Autumn. All those gorgeous rustic colours of flaming auburns, vivid reds and rich earthy browns. The falling leaves make a beautiful natural confetti shower to carpet your way over the months ahead. So don’t be down about losing summer because there’s lots of loveliness to come.

Enjoy the remaining warm September days and look ahead to Halloween capers in October followed by fireworks and fun in November. Still feeling down about the darker nights? Well, if you’re anything like us then you are already planning for next Spring! Not only have we busily been collecting seeds for our wildflower seed packets from this years spent blooms, but we already have bulbs on order for a splash of spring colour. We have selected some gorgeous flowers that will lift the garden out of its winter slumber and also provide the first of next years cut-flowers. It’s not just bulbs that can be planted early, some hardy annuals and perennials can be sown in September for earlier flowering next year. There’s lots to look forward to!

If it’s all too much and you would like a reminded of the summer garden for your wedding or event then have no fear, our real flower petal confetti and wildflower seed packets are available to buy throughout the year. Phew!

Looking ahead to Spring
Looking ahead to Spring
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