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By rekeeley, Nov 6 2014 12:35PM

So the replies to your wedding invites have come back and your table plan is complete (bar those pesky few guests who still haven't rsvp'd, you know who you are!). Now it's time to think about how you are going to get your guests into those seats you spent long organising.

There are many options to consider, but today we are going to focus on a brand new product that we are launching today. Our beautifully vintage luggage tags are hand-stamped using 100% recycled card with a choice of designs. They're so versatile and even come to you complete with free string! Not sure how to use them? Have no fear, a couple of our favourite ideas are described below!

Autumn is truly upon us with Christmas just around the corner. If you're having a wonderful winter wedding, why not utilise some of nature's bounty? One of our favourite ways to use our tags at this time of year is to tie them neatly to some foraged pine cones. Pop out to your local park, woodland or green space and see if you can find some conifers. Hopefully they will be easy to spot as underneath should be lots of fallen cones. Collect these up and put them somewhere to dry out for a few days. This should help them to open up so that you can attach your tags more easily. Why not add a bit of glitter and sparkle to your cones for extra festive cheer?!

Haven't got access to any cones in your area? Have no fear, we supply these in our shop too!

For vintage inspired weddings, our tags are also a fantistic choice. They are perfect place setters when attached to china teacups so that your guests will find their seats with ease. You could even attach them to your wedding favours for a personalised touch for each guest. The beauty of these tags is their versatility, they can be attached to gifts, bouquets, you name it!

Our place setters and gift tags are now available to buy in our shop.

Vintage Wedding
Vintage Wedding
Winter Wedding
Winter Wedding

By rekeeley, Sep 18 2014 08:00AM

We all know weddings can be expensive affairs. Everyone wants a piece of that wedding pie. Here at Natural Favours we know that sometimes, money is tight and things need to be done on a budget. However, that shouldn’t mean sacrificing on the quality of items you use or being unable to see your dream wedding realised. You’ve just got to be savvy!

In last week’s blog update we discussed how you can make your own real flower petal confetti. There are lots of homemade ideas like these you could try to save money on all those little things that soon add up. Our wildflower seed wedding favours are a great money saver. Not only do they make a fantastic wedding favour for your guests to keep and enjoy for months to come, but they also double up as a place setter. Simply add the name of your guest to the envelope and voila, a beautiful, unique and personalised wedding favour and place setter in one.

Want to go a step further? If you are crafty or have friends and family who are, why not ask them to help you with making some homemade decorations like bunting from cheap or free fabric scraps. Start to trawl charity shops for decorative items like old books, vases, leather suitcases and china. If you are clever you could bag yourself some real bargains.

We are lucky enough to have been invited to a wedding in August 2015 where the bride and groom have even decided to do away with the traditional cake. Instead, guests will be invited to bake something themselves and bring it along. A brilliant idea to save hundreds but also to get the guests really involved in the day.

Another idea to try is combining items so you only pay once. We went to a wedding in June which was held in the afternoon. Instead of paying for a wedding breakfast and supper in the evening, all guests to both the daytime and evening parties enjoyed just one buffet style meal in the early evening. It worked well and with a few nibbles to graze on after the ceremony nobody noticed anything different.

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